animal cytology

Cytology, the study of cells, is an invaluable diagnostic tool in veterinary medicine. At Eascor Animal Hospital, we utilize cytology to assess various samples from pets, helping us diagnose and treat a range of conditions efficiently. This testing method is quick, less invasive than biopsies, and provides essential information about a pet’s health status.

Identifying Infections and Inflammatory Conditions

Cytology is instrumental in detecting infections and inflammatory conditions in pets. By examining samples from skin scrapings, ear swabs, or fluid aspirates under a microscope, we can identify the presence of bacteria, fungi, or parasites. This allows us to determine the specific type of infection and tailor our treatment accordingly. Inflammatory conditions, which often present with increased white blood cells or reactive cells, can also be diagnosed, helping us manage conditions like dermatitis or otitis effectively.

Diagnosing Cancer

One of the most significant uses of cytology at our hospital is in the screening and diagnosis of cancers. We perform fine needle aspirates on tumors or masses to collect cells for cytological examination. This process helps us identify whether a tumor is benign or malignant, providing crucial information that influences treatment decisions. Cytology can often give a preliminary diagnosis, allowing us to proceed with further confirmatory tests or start immediate treatment depending on the urgency and the pet’s condition.

Assessing Body Fluids

Cytology extends beyond solid masses and includes the analysis of body fluids. We frequently examine samples of blood, urine, or effusions (fluid that accumulates abnormally in body cavities) to detect disease processes. Analyzing these fluids can reveal conditions such as infections, hemorrhages, or even organ dysfunction. For instance, cytological examination of pleural effusion can help us understand whether it’s caused by heart failure, infection, or malignancy, guiding subsequent management steps.

Monitoring Immune System Health

Cytology is also used to monitor the overall health of a pet’s immune system. We analyze blood smears to assess the health and quantity of white blood cells, which play a crucial role in fighting infections. This is particularly important for pets undergoing chemotherapy or those with known immune disorders, as it helps us adjust treatments based on their current immune status and response to treatment.


At Eascor Animal Hospital in Flint, MI, cytology serves as a cornerstone of our diagnostic processes. It allows us to quickly assess health issues with minimal discomfort to your pet, providing critical insights into their medical condition. We recommend incorporating regular cytological evaluations as part of your pet’s health check-ups, especially if they are showing signs of illness or as part of ongoing health monitoring. Trust our skilled team to employ cytology effectively to ensure your pet receives the best possible care and treatment. For comprehensive veterinary services, including expert cytological analysis, visit Eascor Animal Hospital, where we treat your pets like family.