senior pet blood work

As pets age, their health needs change, making regular veterinary check-ups and diagnostic tests even more critical. Senior pets, like elderly humans, are more susceptible to various health issues that can be managed effectively with early detection and treatment. At Eascor Animal Hospital in Flint, MI, we emphasize the importance of routine senior pet blood work to monitor overall health and detect any underlying conditions.

Identifying Age-Related Health Issues

Senior pet blood work is a comprehensive tool that helps in identifying age-related health issues. Common conditions that can be detected through blood tests include kidney disease, liver dysfunction, diabetes, and thyroid disorders. By examining parameters such as blood urea nitrogen (BUN), creatinine, and liver enzymes, we can assess the functioning of vital organs. Early detection of these issues allows us to implement appropriate treatment plans to manage the conditions effectively and improve your pet’s quality of life.

Monitoring Chronic Conditions

For senior pets already diagnosed with chronic conditions, regular blood work is essential for monitoring the progression of the disease and adjusting treatment plans as necessary. Conditions such as chronic kidney disease, diabetes, and heart disease require ongoing evaluation to ensure that the treatment remains effective. Blood tests provide valuable information about the pet’s response to medication, helping us make informed decisions about any necessary adjustments. At Eascor Animal Hospital, we schedule regular blood work for senior pets to keep their health under close surveillance and manage chronic conditions proactively.

Assessing Medication Effects

Many senior pets are on long-term medications for various health issues. Regular blood work helps in assessing the effects of these medications on the pet’s body. Certain medications can have side effects that impact liver and kidney functions, which can be detected through blood tests. By monitoring these parameters, we can ensure that the medications are not causing harm and make adjustments if necessary. This proactive approach helps in maintaining the overall health of senior pets while managing their existing conditions effectively.

Establishing Baseline Health Data

Establishing baseline health data through regular blood work is crucial for senior pets. This data serves as a reference point for future tests, making it easier to detect any deviations from the norm. By comparing current blood work results with the baseline, we can identify trends and changes that may indicate developing health issues. This early detection allows us to address potential problems before they become serious, ensuring that your senior pet receives timely and appropriate care.


Routine blood work is a vital component of senior pet health care, providing valuable insights into their overall health and helping in the early detection and management of various conditions. At Eascor Animal Hospital in Flint, MI, we recommend regular blood tests for senior pets to monitor their health, assess the effects of medications, and establish baseline health data. Contact us to schedule a comprehensive health check-up for your senior pet and ensure they receive the best possible care. Our dedicated team is here to support you and your pet through every stage of their life.